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Hello! I’m Laura Glen-Cooper, the founder and director of Learn Grow Create. I’m yet another ‘sob-story’ of a young and enthusiastic, freshly qualified teacher, gaining an excellent qualification in education after a long four year slog; only to become completely demoralised by the mainstream system fraught with pressure and uncertainty.


What was I going to do? I didn’t want to waste my talent, training or passion for teaching - something I had wanted to do since being inspired by my own teachers at a very young age. I resorted to tutoring as a temporary measure whilst I pondered my future. My first tutee was, in fact, a former pupil and I was astonished and somewhat appalled at how I found out more about him and his learning in just two hours of one-to-one tutoring, than I had in a whole school year of his attention being shared with 30 other pupils! This was what I wanted to do, this was why I had become a teacher, and I haven’t looked back since...


As a fully-booked and highly recommended Private Tutor working from home for the last three years, I made a great name for myself and created very happy, motivated pupils, learning fast and growing in confidence all the time. However, it never felt right to me that so many parents would sit in their cars outside for the hour as there was no point driving home to turn around and come back so soon! And so Learn Grow Create was born: a learning centre harnessing happy learning relationships between tutor, pupil AND parent!


Laura Glen-Cooper


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