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Meet our team of highly qualified tutors

Laura -  Company Founder, Director & Tutor.  

Subjects: all Primary and KS3 Maths & English.

Qualifications: BAEd, QTS, MTA (IOA Dyslexia Therapist & CCET/AAC SpLD Assessment course ongoing)

Having tutored since 2013, following teaching in mainstream schools, I absolutely love the attention I am now able to provide to every single child in my care; inspiring confidence and enthusiasm.  I am a patient, creative and caring teacher who celebrates changes in pupils’ attitudes towards their own learning in order to meet personal and academic success.  My first tutee after leaving mainstream teaching was one of my former pupils and after only two hours of 1:1 tutoring, I learnt more about the child than I had in a whole year of teaching him in a class of 31 and that was the moment I knew I was onto a good thing!  I really look forward to welcoming you and your child to the Tutor Centre and watching them blossom through the dedicated and personalised teaching we offer here.

Steph- Cover Tutor.

Subjects: KS3-KS5 Psychology & Sociology

KS2-KS3 English & Maths 

Qualifications: PGCE, BSc, HND 


I have taught in schools and colleges since 2002. My subject specialisms are Psychology and Sociology. I am a trained examiner and have marked for AQA at A-Level and IB at Diploma Level. Additionally, I have taught overseas working with the International Baccalaureate framework teaching English, Maths and PSHE to Year 7 students. 


Most recently I have been developing my skills as an academic coach. This enables me to target confidence and motivation, helping students to overcome their barriers to success and develop a solid toolkit for effective learning. This type of coaching can be used as a lynchpin to oversea academic performance in all subjects. It is my experience as a teacher and tutor that, armed with the right skills, high motivation and persistence to learn, students can maximise success and exceed aspiration. 

Tom - Cover Tutor.

Subjects: KS3-KS5 Maths

Qualifications: MA, QTS 


I have a Masters degree in Mathematics and Computation from Oxford University, after which my career has included working in Information Technology, Finance and legal work, and involved working for GCHQ, Investment Banking and being an Expert Witness in criminal court cases.  In 2009 I retrained as a teacher of maths, and have taught in Secondary schools since then.  I teach a full range of abilities, from Key stage 3 up to Further Maths A-Level.

I use my experience in the classroom and of wider life to bring maths alive, particularly using connections between different mathematical areas to provide new perspectives on the various ideas.  I like to use practical demonstrations to help students to make the mental connections that mean that they will fully understand and remember the concepts. If I'm describing a parabola you better watch out for a low-flying pencil chucked a cross a room!

Other Experts

We have private consultants and coaches also operating out of our Centre who we can put you in touch with

Jon- Life Coach.

I have had a varied and interesting career, starting with 14 years in the SA Navy from which I resigned as a Lieutenant Commander, then spending time at Woolworths and Old Mutual in IT project and programme management before leaving to set up my own business in this field for 13 years.  Being an avid sportsman and fitness fanatic I also during this time qualified as a Personal Trainer, as well as the advanced Train the Trainer course.  Putting IT behind me, although not totally, already a cricket, hockey, golf and multi-day trail running coach, I then moved into this field where my passion lies, that of life skills coaching, where I have established myself as a Lifeologist.  Somewhere along the way I managed to also write and self-publish my popular book, 'Can Anyone Here Sing?' and became the first person to run across Africa, a distance of 2,600km running in effect a marathon every day for 3 months!

Lifeology: - what is a Lifeologist and what do I do:

I assist people (athletes; employees; individuals) at all levels to achieve their optimum performance potential, by being able to apply complete and undivided mindfulness to their life (sport; work) with total mind-body connectedness and understanding, through a holistic approach to balancing every aspect of their lives, within and outside of their activities. 


I see myself at Learn Grow Create being of service to parents and pupils alike in providing motivational courses to face life's challenges, both academic and social, and set goals for future success.

We are currently working hard at building the perfect team and are looking forward to expanding the subjects that we can offer.